Now With Knitting Content!

Am I sad because I tried to see if I could knit something without posting a WIP photo? Am I extra sad because I failed? Regardless, this is a WIP photo taken something during the Aberdeen excursion and the shawl is now just three rows away from being done. I suppose I could have waited a day to write about the shawl but, really, why keep all the fun to myself? Again I have delved deep into my earliest queued patterns on Ravelry. The shawl is Revontuli and I'm using some Kauni Effektgarn which I was given Christmas '09 by my very lovely grandmother. I have very little say at this stage, except it is a very enjoyable travel knit and I'm very pleased by it. More details to come once I've knitted the last three rows/blocked the shawl within an inch of its life.

Now for some speculative knitting and crocheting. I have five projects I'm really, really fancying but I cannot decide which one(s) to opt for.

  1. Inga. A crocheted cardigan with a seriously cool collar. I'm worried about my body shape vs the shape of the cardigan. I'm also considering changing the colours to slightly more grayscale (with teal/avocado tones mixed in).
  2. Dominika. I'm loving the statement-piece-esque feel to this cardigan/jacket, but am I really ready to wear anything with a heart-pattern? Will this be too shapeless for me?
  3. Blanket. The name and the photo do not do this drapey cardigan justice. I would love to make it in dark raspberry tones with a thread of ochre stitched on for interest. But is it too boxy for me? Will I actually knit an entire afghan and add sleeves to it AND keep sane? I do love it. It's a beautiful project. I continue to be a Martin Storey fan.
  4. Dandle. A seriously cute cardigan with an interesting slip-stitch pattern by the shoulders. I had a real 'wow' moment when I saw it, but I cannot believe that I'm contemplating a Super Bulky knit. I'm Super Bulky myself, for heaven's sake!
  5. Homestead. Another Martin Storey design and one heavily influenced by Scandinavian knitting traditions (which makes my heart go all a-flutter). I simply love the design. It reminds me of my heritage. It is also knitted in Baby Alpaca DK which is one of my absolutely favourite yarns. I can see myself wearing this a lot. But it's not very dressy and I'm in the mood for a dressy knit. I'm thinking a neutral background and a delightful dark red contrast? I could see this being knitted up in Felted Tweed too.

(I also really really like Periwinkle but even I can see how its shape is all wrong for me). You may have spotted a common denominator. I fear I'm getting mildly addicted.Any feedback would be gratefully received and very appreciated. Even feedback along the lines of "you are a daftie for even consider XYZ!"!

I think I'm also entering a new phase. I go through colour phases, you see, and I think I'm leaving my red phase and heading towards deep violets and strong purples. Some people might say that I knit green stuff and then occasionally use other colours, but that would just filthy, filthy lies.

Now back to my last three rows on the shawl. Utterly delightful project.