FO: Haematite Shawl

Quickest shawl ever? Kim Hargreaves' Opal ("Haemitite") was done in little over 24 hours and it was not as though I sat about knitting constantly. I can see this shawl becoming a stash-buster (and I say this thinking of some mystery red mohair in my stash) as it was so quick and fun to knit. It was also the perfect knitting group project: garterstitch with one tiny detail to remember on each row. Verdict: a winner. I sat knitting the majority of it during The Life Craft's inaugural knit night which was really fun and relaxing.  Congratulation to Von and the rest of the Life Craft staffers for being officially anointed with an unannounced visit the very next day by Ravelry founders, Jess and Casey, and Scotland's knitting designer star, Ysolda Teague. The Life Craft is a great new addition (I nearly wrote addiction) to Glasgow's West End craft scene and I'm so so pleased by all the positive buzz the place is generating.

I may also have bought some yarn whilst there, but since I have just finished some things, I'm okay with that. I'm trying to operate a "yarn out means yarn in" policy at the moment. I picked up some beautiful Shetland 4ply by Colorimetry which is destined to become part of my fair-isle winter mitts which I am (gasp) currently drafting.