Working On: The Vicar's Fields Mitts

I'm currently working on some seriously awesome colourwork mitts. I would have said "fair-isle mitts" but I recently got told off by someone who said that "fair-isle" was reserved for patterns stemming from Fair Isle, so "colourwork" it is. However, the mitts are quite North Atlantic in their conception, design and composition. I'm using Shetland 4ply wool, the geometric pattern is inspired by Faroese pullovers, and the colours are lifted directly from a fair-isle colourwork pullover my gran knitted me when I was about eleven years old. I wanted a pair of mitts that reminded me of my cultural heritage and I think they'll fit the bill. I'm calling them "The Vicar's Fields mitts" in honour of some childhood memories.

When I put the first few details up on Ravelry, some of you contacted me to hear if I would make the pattern available. I have thought about it and have come to this decision: I will not be writing up a full pattern for these mitts. I will, however, put all my notes and charts up here on this blog, so if you want to knit these mitts, you can. I make fairly extensive notes whenever I knit, so there will plenty of information for anyone fancying their own Vicar's Fields.

Meanwhile I have had time to think about the last few days' events. The one thing about Knit Camp which really struck me was the emphasis upon British wool, British yarn, and sustainability. Everywhere I went I heard people saying they chose to spend their money on local vendors, local dyers, and local sheep breeds. Blacker Designs was one of the busiest stalls with their yarns from British flocks (and they had some wonderfully obscure breeds too). Toft Alpaca and Artisan Threads also benefited from the attention, but Shetland Handspun (no website) and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust really saw people talking. Later this year I'm part of an event about British wool and British yarns, so I was really excited to see the buzz surrounding local, organic yarn. Good thing Garthenor wasn't at Knit Camp or I would have walked away with their fabulous undyed organic laceweight which I have been coveting for ages.

Speaking of laceweight, someone has talked me into knitting her a Laminaria. I took a lot of persuading ..