Oh, Copenhagen

Oh, Copenhagen. How I do not really miss thee but then again I do.

Recently I found Copenhagen Street Style - a Danish blog trying to capture all the hip young things gracing the streets of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is peculiar in the sense that you tend to see muted colours everywhere - black, beige, brown and the occasional daring navy - so I actually do applaud CSS's decision to feature people who dare break away from the safe colours.

It is just a shame that the featured fashion victims dare-devils haven't got a clue what they are doing. I get the idea of deconstructing fashion - actually, I also get how deconstructing fashion is circa 1998. I also get the idea of anti-fashion in the sense of reclaiming fashion and style from the hegemony of big bad cooperations and leading fashion editors. But anti-fashion is as much about knowing the semiotics of fashion as it is about rejecting tokenism. And, judging by the majority of the photos on CSS, these so-called fashionistas really do not have a clue. They are concerned about looking 'cool' (which in its own right is embracing the idea of fashion as the idea of 'cool' changes rapidly) and 'edgy'. Sadly they just end up looking like prats who are groping in the dark, to quote a well-known poet (or, in the case of the people pictured, like sad fans of the Reynolds Girls).

For your amusement (or horror, depending upon your sensibilities), I also would like to draw your attention to:

I almost miss muted colours now.