1. I overheard a conversation today between a little girl - maybe six years old? - and a woman who was clearly the au-pair. The little girl was a nightmare and the au-pair tried to calm her. The little girl turned to the woman: "You need to get yourself a PROPER job. Oh wait - you CAN'T which is why you are minding me." Ouch.

As a friend of mine pointed out when I posted about this overheard conversation on Facebook: "Well, if she's that precocious she can probably deal with being told all the horror stories about graduate unemployment these days. And that maybe she can use insults like that when she's old enough to have a proper job herself. After her parents have paid for her to have a gap year so she can find herself."


2. This past week has been full of I Am Officially Getting On In Years moments. The other day I realised that Freddie Mercury has been dead for almost twenty years. Then I saw a young teenage boy sauntering down Byres Road looking like a young Brett Anderson circa 1992 (and then it hit me that the first Suede tracks are also almost twenty years old). And I learned that one of my erstwhile hang-out spots in Copenhagen has closed down. I'm facing my own mortality and it feels really weird.

3. A couple of crafty projects have been finished with much success. My Idunn hat is splendid and I'm rather pleased with an Amy Butler skirt I made too. I have failed miserably at keeping track of my Self-Stitched September, but I have been wearing something self-made every single day. I have been having a hard time understanding the instructions for a particular decrease section for my current Big Project, but I have cracked the code (sleep helps) and Progress Has Been Made.

4. Work is swamping me, so non-work things have suffered a lot these past few weeks. That means the house is a tip, I'm 75 pages into a library book due next week, very little blogging/commentating, and crap food. I hope to catch up with myself (and the housework) before too long as we're having Very Important People visiting us from the States very, very soon.

5. Finally, I was very pleased to see this news story about ABBA and Scandinavian politics as the top BBC Entertainment news story the other day. One day I need to write about the other reasons why I left Denmark and why I'm so ambivalent about my country of origin.

So, how are you?