The past few weeks have been really stressful for a number of reasons, but I'm feeling like I'm into the homestretch now. Hopefully this means I can muster the mental energy to start writing regular blog entries once more. I have been at this blogging lark for nearly a decade, you know, and I loathe whenever more than a few days pass between posts. I'm writing this blog for me, essentially, and I don't like when my writing dries up. It is usually a sign that I am too busy or that major upheaval is happening in my life. This time around I have simply been too busy to do much else besides working, earing and sleeping. Not a good place to be, I'm sure you will agree.

I am really looking forwards to my little Denmark trip, in other words.

I shall be spending a huge chunk of it in rural Denmark - this always fills me with a strange sense of unease. I have unhappy memories of growing up in rural Denmark and feeling hugely out of place. All the things I was supposed to love and 'be into' (handball, horses, and country fairs) just filled me with dread whilst all the things I did love (books, art, and history) were considered 'weird'. I was always the quirky outsider and yet even today I'm expected to miss and long for those small towns that I fled as quickly as I could.


I shall also be spending some quality time in Copenhagen - a place I actually do miss and long for - with some of the best people I know. I have also being doing a bit of prep for this part of the trip: I shall be visiting my favourite LYS (Jorun is Faroese and specialises in North Atlantic wool) as well as a few other places. I am keeping an eye out for Christmas wish list candidates and Danish knitters have pointed me towards some books that look really interesting (I particularly like Hvirvelstrøm from the last book). I'm also going to look out for some special Danish wools and I'm trying desperately not to go for rustic laceweights from the North Atlantic because, well, my stash already harbours quite a few and it is not really what I'm knitting with these days..

Also, this autumn is shaping up to be absolutely cracking. Some really exciting new projects are in the pipeline and I have to pinch myself sometimes. Even though I am busy (and just on the wrong side of being stressed), I count myself lucky. Life is very good to me right now. I just need a bit of breathing space to appreciate it fully.

Deep Breath.