Wool Week

Did you know that next week is Wool Week? Well, actually Wool Week kicks off this Saturday with tonnes of events throughout the UK lined up for the rest of the week. Wool Week is part of The Campaign for Wool which seeks to promote the benefits of using wool - here in the UK the focus is primarily on locally produced wool and the campaign is backed by the Prince of Wales and The Wool Marketing Board. As a knitter I am mainly concerned with hand-knitting wool, but the campaign actually focuses on how diverse and sustainable a product wool really is. I also remember the huge buzz surrounding British wool when I was at the Knit Camp marketplace in August and next week I will be part of a Wool Week event - these are exciting times to be a knitter.

Everybody's already seen this one, but I thought it wonderfully apt..

(Meanwhile I appear to be dying of the common cold. Send me good vibes. I hate being ill.)