And Then We Come To This Part

And away we went, up north.

The last few days prior to leaving for our mini-holiday were so busy that I did not get a chance to arrange for blog posts to appear whilst we were away. Judging by my own blog reader with its 100+ posts, I do not think any of you missed me much. Good.

During the journey north I revised my opinion of The Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - particularly the lyrics going "And if a double-decker bus / Crashes into us / To die by your side / Is such a heavenly way to die" as the road was slippery and the bus was swerving dangerously back and forth. I clutched my beloved's hand and told him that I did not want to die by his side right there and then. He understood.

Time spent with family. Time spent laughing. Time spent looking at things in the grand scheme of things. Time being quiet and time being busy combined in a strange way

And then time to go back home. I have a cough and a sore throat throat to remind me of the perils involved in spending time with little germ-carrying nephews. And an aching heart too because I miss those little tykes already.

Presents, I had were given a lot and too many to mention. Tiny gifts from friends with big hearts. Big gifts from people far away. Liberty fabric and a cape from my partner (a cape! a cape!). I turned my book voucher into three books, one of which I have already finished and will be writing about shortly.

2011 is almost upon us. I never make new year's resolutions. I do, however, make promises to myself. One year I finally learned to swim. Another year I travelled to New Zealand. And then there was the year I left a rather poisonous job situation and made good on a tough promise to myself. I tend to make positive, affirming promises to myself instead of going "I'll give up chocolate!" or "I'll read Ian McEwan's entire back catalogue!".

In 2011 I would like to make things, specifically:

  • Eleven hats. I did the 10 shawls in 2010 challenge which was hugely enjoyable. I need more hats and I'd like to knit some of the current chic hat designs such as Rose Red, the Grand Cloche, Fern Glade and Quincy among others.
  • I'd like to sew myself something wearable. Something which makes me happy every time I wear it.
  • I'd like to try a new craft - thankfully The Life Craft is just around the corner! - such as quilting, sashiko embroidery or paper-making.

Small, attainable goals.

First, though, I need to sleep and through some rest hopefully put the last few weeks into perspective.