2010: The Year In Knitting

In 2009 I completed 32 knitting projects. On the surface of things, I have not been nearly as prolific in 2010 but I have been busy doing other knitterly things: I have been teaching a great deal, written up various patterns and have generally enjoyed working within the knitting and crochet industry. I have met some fabulous designers, teachers, vendors, spinners, farmers, and knitters along the way. I would not want to change all of these things for the world - but I would like to finish more than 2 and 3/4 jumpers within a year! My two most used knits of the year? My Art Deco shawl  and my Haemitite shawl.

I have previously waxed lyrically about the Art Deco shawl but I am happy to wax lyrically again:

I used a free pattern and an inexpensive acrylic/wool yarn to make myself a big, toasty shawl. It was a modular knit, my first, and I certainly became very adept at picking up stitches (I reckon more than 2500 stitches were picked up during this project). The shawl quickly earned its keep during the big freeze of January 2010: I used it as a lap blanket in the flat, as a shawl when sitting by the computer, as a scarf when out and about , and as a headscarf during blizzards. Throughout it kept me warm and its warm, spicy colours cheered me up. A year later it has been machine-washed and tumble-dried with no discernible damage nor has it shown any wear'n'tear from being used so often.

My Haemitite shawl was a very quick knit, but the quickness of the project belies just how much use I have gotten out of it. I knitted a Kim Hargreaves pattern in some Rowan Kidsilk Aura in a neutral colour - and I practically live with this scarf around my neck 24/7. Its neutral colour means I can wear it with most of my wardrobe, it also packs lightly and - best of all - it is the warmest scarf I own. It is now looking a bit worse for wear, so I think I shall have to give it a good soak .. and maybe knit myself a second one? Here in Britain Kidsilk Aura has just gone on sale in the John Lewis department stores, so I think I might succumb..

2010 was the year I participated in "10 Shawls for 2010" on Ravelry (well, I joined the group and knitted 10 shawls - I actually did not participate in the group activities) so it is unsurprising that my two favourite objects turned out to be shawls. 2011 will be my year of hats and I'm really looking forward to that. I recently lost my Intuitive hat whilst on my way to Aberdeenshire so I will be wanting to replace that asap. A Karie with cold ears is not a happy Karie!

Apart from hats, my only knitting resolution for 2011 is to knit from stash as often as possible. 2010 saw my stash grow quite rapidly thanks to lovely gifts and work-related stash enhancements. I hope to keep the stash somewhat under control, get the masses of yarn organised, and to knit up some of my many odd balls. Modest hopes, eh?