Fenris & the Lady

I finished a book the other day to my great relief. I have been struggling with books for a few months now after the disastrous Zadie Smith - On Beauty almost-read. Refusing to finish On Beauty, I picked up several books only to put them down after a few pages and so it went for a few months. Wilkie Collins' The Law & The Lady isn't a great book by any stretch of the imagination , but it kept me reading and I'm very thankful for this. Sweater In ProgressMostly I have been working on my jumper, Fenris.

I have just finished the body; it includes so fairly dramatic waist-shaping, short-rows to shield my lower back (which is always cold) and short-row bust shaping ala Knotions' excellent guide. I am now working on the sleeves using the method I 'unvented' when knitting Snorri. I suspect I will also snip off the bottom ribbing and reknit it again like I did with Snorri. We shall see.

Fenris will have a circular yoke with some colourwork. Fenris is, of course, the monstrous wolf in Norse mythology which bit off Tyr's hand. While I am not planning on having disembodied hands nor wolves roaming around the yoke, I am idly pondering some Norse-inspired motifs. It all depends upon the colours I will have at hand. I only have the one colour in the yarn I'm using but its texture and appearance matches New Lanark Aran fairly well, so I have been digging through my stash to find suitable oddments (successfully locating some green, grey and brown bits).

Which brings me to: If any of you have oddments of New Lanark Aran (5g - 10g) in pinks, cream or blues - or in a similar yarn - please do get in touch and we can work out a swap or something. I refuse to spend £10+ just for a few yards of contrast colour.

I'm still working on my Fancy but I think I'm going to turn it into a shrug. Despite swatching and going down a size, it is still coming out huge. Future plans include writing up a couple of patterns (two freebies, one non-freebie), sewing a few skirts, and hopefully then have cleared out my knitting basket in time for the winter collections to arrive. Mildly ambitious..

A few recent favourites from Ravelry:

  • Paper Daleks: this one caused a minor discussion in Casa Bookish. (I'm still not going to knit you a Doctor Who scarf, Dave. It doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means I think it'd be a great beginner's project and I'd be very happy to teach you how to knit)
  • Cactus Blossom: I love the vibrant green colour coupled with Noro. Yum.
  • Julia's BSJ: So awesome-looking in Kauni. I'm leaning towards making one for my pregnant colleague. I do not know that many pregnant women so it's now or never..
  • Vintage St James: So gorgeous, it makes me want to make a striped sweater with a big kick-arse bow.
  • Grey Miette: How pretty! How wearable! I must, must, knit myself a grey cardigan!