Evidence of Knitting

"You know, you never post anything about knitting anymore," my friend said. When I looked back at recent blog posts, I was startled to find that she was right. I write a lot about potential knitting but I rarely post about Stuff Wot I Have Knitted. Clearly I need to make amends although I have not been knitting super-exciting things. May 2011 056The Skald shawl. Looks pretty, non?

I chose to knit Spring Trellis by Linda Choo which is a free Ravelry pattern (and well-written too). I ended up running out of yarn and had to omit the nupps on the border. I quite like the contrast between the lace and the solid border, but would have preferred the shawl with nupps.

The yarn was Sirri Tógv 1ply - a Faroese wool which I purchased on my last visit to the mothership Copenhagen. I loved working with it: it was rustic, sheepy, woolly, and beautifully unprocessed. However, it took five rinses to get all the natural lanolin out and instead of the soft, gorgeous fabric I had imagined, Sorri 1ply had bloomed to such a degree that my shawl looks like a cat has slept on it. No, like a cat has slept on it for weeks.  The marriage between pattern and yarn proved to be an unhappy one - the yarn would have worked far better in a simple garterstitch shawl - and lessons have been learned.

I have more Sirri yarn kicking about. I'll need to think carefully about what to do with it.

May 2011 080I got as far as the yoke on my Fenris jumper when I realised I had to rip it out. I loved that yoke, I tell you. I had combined Nordic motifs that I've known and loved my entire life - particular that wheel design which reminds me of the Trundholm Sun Chariot. The Chariot was found very close to where I grew up and the Bronze Age wheel motif is so .. it is part of my psyche, you know?

For the body and sleeves I used a pure wool aran (sold to me as bulky!) which I bought at a very favourable price in my mum's local supermarket. Denmark's great for yarn, I swear (although not so great in other ways but that's for another day). I used remnants of New Lanark aran for the colourwork yoke. A big thank you to Paula and Bronwen who gave me scraps that I'll incorporate - in that way the jumper won't just represent Denmark but also Scotland.

June 2011 254A bit of a departure for me: baby knitting! A colleague is expecting a baby and I wanted to make her something she'll actually use (rather than a fancy baby cardigan that'll languish in a drawer).

The patterns are from Erika Knight's excellent Natural Nursery Knits (probably my favourite baby knitting book) and I used oddments of Patons Washed Haze DK. I really like the booties, actually. They are knitted flat, then seamed quickly up the back. I managed to squeeze out a pair during one knitting group session. Score. April 2011 154

Finally, a black hat. I still need to do a modelled shot, but the weather has been too good!

I used some workhorse aran (again from my mum's supermarket) and got the general gist from a Norwegian hat pattern although I didn't follow the pattern exactly (I lost it, ok?).  I knitted this with winter in mind. Last year I knitted Intuitive and loved it for about two weeks before I lost it on a northbound bus. I am not going to face another winter without a black hat.

I'm currently working on a laceweight version of Karise. There won't be a separate pattern for the laceweight version - just some extra numbers added to the pattern.

So, yes, I do knit. Look! Evidence!