St. James

My days are currently packed full of work and sleep. Seriously. Luckily I can also fit in my obsessive knitting as I have a three-hour commute. What you see on the left is the result of the past ten days. The pattern is St. James from the current issue of MetaPostmodernKnitting. The pattern has a tied bow at the neck but I have a strange aversion to bows, so the top is adorned by a cluster of crocheted flowers instead. The end result is really quite stunning and very vintage-ish. I have enough alpaca-silk yarn left for a dainty shrug/cardigan, so I'm going to look out for a 50s inspired little pattern that would complement St. James. Oh dear, I'm going end up with a twin-set.

PS. can you spot our Fourth Edition sign in the background? It's juust peeking out. Yes, we are sad, typography-obsessed nerds in this household.

PPS. Comments are very much appreciated but I cannot get back to anyone before the end of this crazy week, sorry. You know I luvs y'all, don't you?