Monday Making

As a freelancer, I occasionally have to take time to assess where I am and where I am going. I think of these assessments as incredibly fruitful and certainly a lot more thought-provoking than when I used to get assessments in my pre-freelance working days! As a result of this past week's re-assessment, Fourth Edition is now part of my on-going thought process, so you will begin to see new content creeping into the corners over the next few weeks. Don't worry - I will still be waffling on about knitting, sewing, making, and books on my blog. The new content will be straightforward things such as a list of the craft classes and courses I'm teaching etc. I might even add a diary of said courses some time this decade! Steady on! Mondays tend to be my weekly day of relaxation - funnily enough I am often at my most productive on Mondays too. It is almost like I relax by making things!

I just cut out the pieces for my Crepe dress. I'm using Nigerian wax-print cotton. It is going to be quite .. loud, I think, but also rather funky. There are some very cool Crepe dresses in the Flickr photo pool. I hope to make a second, dressier version of this dress for a summer wedding next year, so I am essentially treating this version as a fancy toile/muslin version.

Note to self: next time make sure the fabric is wide enough for the skirt pieces. The cotton is relatively narrow and I had to be rather clever about how to cut out the pieces along the grain line.

My autumn knitting project, Norn, is knitting up quite quickly. I have been taking a couple of days off from knitting due to my on-going wrist problems, but up until Friday I had managed to get a couple of rows done here and there.

I am absolutely loving this: the yarn is soft and fascinatingly heathered; the pattern is easy and intuitive; the result is just beautiful. All projects should be like this. I've used 3 balls of the main colour so far and I'm halfway up the body. I should be fine with the amount of yarn I have, then. Phew. Incidentally, I'm knitting this using my usual two-hand colour knitting method. I get stared at a lot (yes, I'm back knitting in public).

Finally, I cannot show you pictures of a design-in-progress but here is a photo which may (or may not) provide you with a clue.

I am in two minds about using myself as a model in my patterns. At my last knitting group session I was sitting next to my friend KOS who is currently working on Karise. It was rather unnerving to have my own face stare back at me throughout the knitting group.

So, if you are an aspiring model/actor/musician living in Glasgow and you need something to pad out the old portfolio or CV, I'm your lady. No money involved, just the chance to impress the knitting community. Or maybe I'll just need to come to terms with the entire staring-at-myself deal.