Almost There Or There-abouts

It's now November. Seriously, where did this year go? I remember I had plans to knit 11 hats in 2011. Clearly that did not happen. I look at my Ravelry page and I cannot see many finished objects - but I did knit and knit and knit in the 11 months we have had so far. 2011 has been the year of knitting swatches and tidbits relating to my work and has been sadly lacking on the personal knitting front. However, my dining table is currently littered with projects. Here is a list of what is on my table:

  • One pair of fingerless gloves: almost complete. One glove just needs the thumb knitted and ends woven in.
  • Rowan Kidsilk Stripes shawl: sadly not mine to keep but just needs another five rows + blocking and then pattern written up.
  • Lacy shrug: Or how I turned one potential oversized knit into something wearable. I just need to crochet edging on one sleeve and weave in ends. (ETA: Done!)
  • Snapdragon Tam: Alas, this is a tale of woe. I ran out of yarn 11 rows from the end. I bought the pseudo-Malabrigo as a one-off back in 2008. The hat has been ripped out and I'll need to consider what to make with the yarn.
  • Lumley, or The Red Cardigan Of Doom: I need to reknit the lower halves of two sleeves, weave in ends, sew on buttons, ignore an unfortunate bit of grafting (that noone else will see, anyway), pretend it becomes me, and wear it on my London trip this forthcoming Thursday.

Apart from Lumley, all the other projects can be finished within a couple of hours, if that. And Lumley should only take half a day to complete ... (insert feet dragging)

One project that is not sprawling across the dining table? My Norn jumper. I finished knitting the lower half of the body, then split for the front and back, and am currently almost done with the back. It is just not on my knitting agenda right now with other things taking precedence.  I'm half-tempted to rip it all out (again) and knit the entire jumper flat like it actually states in the pattern. No real reason. Just a thought. Of course that way madness lies..

Future plans? I have a new design heading for release towards beginning of December and I need to knit the sample. I should quite like to make something from my Ravelry queue too - just a hat or some fingerless gloves as I really do not have the time for another garment-size project. And I need to make a rather big present in time for it to get shipped across to Denmark for Christmas.. fortunately this present is machine-sewn rather than knitted.

Phew. I think I need to get cracking. Fortunately my new needles have just arrived.