Charting & Swatching

Designing is a laborious process. First there is the idea, then there is sketching, followed by charting, swatching and finally writing before any proper knitting can occur. It is laborious, frustrating and fun to pursue an idea and see it become an actual piece of knitting. This past week I have spent countless hours stuck in the charting and swatching part of the process. I have a tonne of ideas and a thick sketchbook, but while I can chart a thousand things, you never know how things really look until you swatch: One beautiful chart turned out to look male genitalia once knitted up; Another chart turned out to be awfully, awfully challenging to knit; Yet another chart turned out beautifully but once knitted it was clearly destined for a cardigan I'm yet to design and knit.

And do not get me started on charts that do not easily slot into triangular shawl construction: I have one gorgeous chart that turned out to have an 82 row repeat once I applied it to a typical shawl construction. I had several tense moments when promising charts collapsed under the strain of even increases.

Happily all of this is behind me now and I am now in the writing and knitting phase. That means that, yes, a new shawl pattern will be available come December. I hope you will like it.