Saturday Verbal Rampage

I managed to spend yesterday afternoon in very pleasant company. Whilst the rainstorm nearly flooded Glasgow, we had hot chocolate, listened to jazz, curled up in chairs and knitted whilst discussing the US presidential election. I appreciated the afternoon all the more because it made me reflect on far I have come this past year. It takes time to establish a network in a new town, let alone a new country. 2008 has been a long, strange and very tough year - but I am now able to spend a rainy afternoon in excellent company. Thank you all who have been helping me get to this stage. You know who you are. And speaking of knitting.. I am currently working on a red version of the February Lady Sweater. I keep having to rip back rows for some peculiar reason, so it is fairly slow going. Fortunately I think I have managed to crack a particular design problem, so hopefully I will have it done quite soon. The winter's rapidly approaching and I'm going to need all the woolly bits that I can muster. Or perhaps I should just turn on our central heating?

Finally, a few links seeing as it is Saturday and I'm in a lazy, lazy mood. + I am not envious. I'm slightly overhelmed: welcome to an informed tech geek's library. + Today is the 'official' Dogs Rule Day (although, as TangledFrog sez: "Every Day is Dogs Rule Day"). + Related: Could I possibly interest you in photos of people wearing clothes knitted from their dogs' fur? It's slightly freaky but I couldn't tell you why. + So, you want the best 150 online flash games sorted by type and each given a mini-review? You got it.

It's almost time for crap TV, so have yourself a great weekend.