A Realist Look At Knitting

Earlier today I posted the following  on social media websites: I have just gone through my wardrobe. I really, really NEED a warm black or grey jumper/cardigan. I have NO spare knitting time. Would buying one make me less of a knitter? Will I be kicked out of the knitting fellowship?

The response was really interesting. It was an unanimous don't be silly from everybody who replied to me. Selected responses:

Bells said: "I buy at least one a winter. I am a realist." (I like the realism bit)

Katherine admitted to wearing a shop-bought cardigan to her knitting group: "They told me off for being embarrassed that I hadn't knit it when they complimented it"

Catrin was succinct: "NO!"

And Christina pointed out: "Would you want to be part of a fellowship who would kick you out for doing that?" (she is always to the point - it's a gift she has).

So, I won't be a bad knitter if I buy a shop-bought item. It is strange, though, how making things automatically makes me think I should be making everything. It is also strange how guilty I feel at the thought of buying a non-knitted cardigan or jumper.

In an ideal world I would be adding the following staples to my wardrobe. In reality I have no idea when I'd have the time to start just one of these:

How do you combine your knitterly ambitions with your wardrobe needs, time constraints, and your budget?