Earlier this year my home suffered a moth infestation - Scotland's cold & wet summer apparently suited the beasties as several non-knitting friends and acquaintances reported moths too. We managed to survive relatively unscathed. I did have to get rid of a lovely woolly skirt and some leftover yarn I had recklessly left under the bed in an unsealed box. So far, so good. Monday I discovered the moths had found a box of woollen things we keep in the kitchen (our kitchen is very big and doubles as office and second living room). Sadly I had to throw out several hand-knitted things. So goodbye to my cheerful yellow hat, my second-favourite hat and a soft purple shawl. I did not wear the yellow hat much, so good riddance to that once - but I mourn the loss of my second-favourite hat and the purple shawl. The shawl was knitted out of one of my first ebay hauls - a sportweight version of unbranded Malabrigo Worsted that I will never find again - and I loved the subtle colours.

Thankfully the moths never found the stash. I am now knitting hats as I am two hats down (I have plenty of shawls to spare). I have been stash-diving big style - delving right  down to the precambrian layers of stash - and have uncovered all sorts of exciting one-offs. Stay tuned for FOs.

Also - if you are a member of the Karie Bookish/Old Maiden Aunt club - stay tuned for the next pattern installment which will hit your inbox this Friday. It's my favourite colourway & pattern combination of the lot, so I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!