Red Redux

World, meet my red cardigan. It's a simple raglan cardigan with garter stitch ridges on the yoke and a stockinette stitch body. It's very warm (which is why I finished as quickly as I could because the temperature's dipping below zero every night) and the colour itself keeps me happy in the midst of gloomy November. It was knitted in New Lanark Aran (in 'Cherry'). The yarn is organic, locally milled and has a wonderful rustic feel to it. There is no denying that a cheerful sheepsie once flopsied about wearing a fleece which has now become a cardigan in which I shall cheerfully flopsy about the fair streets of Glasgow. As for the pattern: The math was cheerfully flopsi lifted from February Lady Sweater but otherwise it's all my own. And the verdict: I like having a red cardigan in my wardrobe and it's comfy, if not the most stylish or fashion-forward of knits. It's all good.

Next on my agenda? Christmas knitting looms, of course. First, though, I have promised Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns to test-knit a new pattern of hers and I get to try some of her luxury hand-painted yarn. Mwhahaha.

PS. I'm a bit tired of elderly gentlemen approaching me to say they haven't seen anyone knit for a very long time. Well, try making your way to Glasgow's West End on Tuesday nights - you won't be able to pass a street without tripping over a knitter. Seriously. Seriously.