Almost There: Making Doggerland pt 3

DoggerlandIt is odd. By all accounts I should resent working on Doggerland, but I am still in love with the collection. The yarns are beautiful, I still think the idea behind it is intriguing, and I enjoy pulling it all together. And it is being pulled together.

Patterns are out being looked over by technical editors (the people who make sure every t is crossed and every i is dotted). I am busy with pattern layouts and making sure everything looks coherent and right.

Perfectionism appears to be my worst enemy, actually. Some of you have called me out for that and I want to thank each and everyone for doing so. I have been battling with perfectionism most of my adult life, and although knitting design does not give me ulcers (unlike academia), I am still very hard on myself. I am learning to let go.

The photo above is a great example of my perfectionism. It is an out-take from one of the photo shoots (it doesn't show enough pattern detail to be a great pattern photo). I was really panicky about the photo shoots and looking back, I don't know why. Sure, I don't have a professional photographer at my disposal and the equipment used isn't worth tens of thousands of pounds - but the photos are great nonetheless.

DoggerlandIt has been a long time coming to this point and I have learned a lot about myself and my work processes over the last year(!).

  • You are only as good as your network.

I have been lucky insofar my professional network has been incredibly supportive. I'd particularly like to mention Fiona from The Island Wool Company, Ella Austin, and Elly Doyle who have all listened to me with patience and offered brilliant advice when needed.

  • Don't be hard on yourself. Be kind.

That one is pretty self-explanatory! Doggerland has been a project so close to my heart and I think I let it get too personal at times.

  • Know when to stop.

And this brings me to what is going to happen next.

Doggerland will be going on pre-order Monday, May 27 at 12noon GMT until June 10 when the first pattern will land.  Following on from June 10, patterns will land in your inbox every few weeks. You can buy the patterns individually too, of course, but the collection is the cheaper option (particularly if you opt for pre-ordering it).  At the moment you can expect 8 patterns - all accessories - but I may add one or two (or three) to that count.

So, there you have it. I hope you'll find it's been worth the wait. Thank you to everyone over the past year who has been sending me supportive messages, asking me about the patterns and generally been good eggs.

I am going to go take a big breath of fresh air now.