Snapdragons & Marigolds


Can I be honest with you? I have days where I just want to give up on this designing malarky. Numbers don't add up, charts don't work, and words fall out of patterns. I have had one of those days today when designing just sucks and I want to kill it all with fire. Tomorrow is another day, to quote Scarlett, but today is just awful.

And it's okay to have days like that, I think. The key is to just persevere and learn from them. I know from my network of fellow designers and other creatives that we all have days like this. The important thing to remember is that not every day is as frustrating as today. Most days are good and I even have the occasional great day when I'm on fire.

So I went to knit in the park when my brain gave up and everything came rushing in. I went to the park with my sample knitting and my new Chiaogoo needles (they are wonderful - I am going to slowly upgrade my needle toolbox with Chiaogoos). Snapdragons and marigolds surrounded me and the sun peeped out occasionally.

Mental health break.


And I don't think I actually give myself enough breaks.

Snapdragons and marigolds should not feel this special - they should form part of my every day life (along with checking emails, eating lunch and drawing charts).  I need to look into an actual, real break soon because I am supposed to be on holiday right now and .. I am not.

Tonight I'm going to grab Mr Bookish and we are going to go for a walk. Charts, numbers and words will have to wait until tomorrow. I have flowers to show him.

PS. I'm currently looking for a sample knitter for a very small project. Read more here and send me a Private Message on Ravelry if you are interested.