Where on earth do you guys come from? Fourth Edition was started last year after a six-month-ish blog hiatus. Earlier the same year my then blog, Bookish, had been deleted by my then web host (others had similar problems with the company and were far more vocal than me - good on ya, Ras). I was reluctant to start all over with a new blog seeing as I had spent a lot of time building up my 'literary blog' brand courting publishers, readers and other literary blogs. However, I have been blogging since 2001 and enjoy the networking and knowledge-generating aspects of it. A new blog was bound to happen.

I decided that I didn't want to make a huge fuss. Bookish had been outgoing and had a definite target audience. I wanted my new blog to be far more low-key and more personal. Until last night I have not had a stat-meter keeping track of how many visitors I have or even what search-words this blog attracts. I had reckoned maybe ten or twelve unique visitors per day (for comparison's sake. Bookish had a daily tally of around 500-700 regular readers plus spikes when linked on popular sites) but I was very surprised this morning to see around five times as many unique visitors as I had anticipated.

Where on earth do you guys come from?

PS. Don't think I'm not appreciative - I'd be weird if I weren't pleased people stopped by - but I'm just going "but why? right now because I didn't plan this.