A Bit About Yarn

I wonder what my favourite colour is..? I have been spending the past few evenings winding up a lot of yarn from hanks into these cakes you see. It's both totally gratifying and hard work. Gratifying because I get to rummage around my stash, see all the gorgeous yarns I own, daydream about future projects and fondle the fibres as I wind them up using the swift and ball winder that socherry let me borrow (thank you! thank you!).

Hard work? Well, my right wrist is sore thanks to all the laceweight yarn I am winding. Believe me, 1300 yards of any yarn will make even the strongest wrist a bit sore. I must admit I'm cursing my thriftiness: "Ooh, laceweight yarn is cheaper by the yard and will totally last longer than bulky yarn, so I'm going to buy that laceweight, yes!!" - of course by "thriftiness" I mean a completely patchy sense of thriftiness that mysteriously allows me to buy more yarn.

People (who shall remain nameless, but I live with them) claim that my knitting groups have a "cultish" air to them. I would like to refute that by directing everybody's attention to The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame which examines how likely it is that a given group is a cult. I'll just go through a few of the questions.

"Lack of clearly defined organizational rights for members"? Certainly not. Anything mildly important is decided via polling and discussion. Anything mildly unimportant is also resolved thusly.

"Amount of infallibility declared or implied about decisions or doctrinal/scriptural interpretations [by leaders]"? As accomplished some of these knitters are, even they have to frog rows and picked dropped stitches. Sorry.

"Emphasis put on attracting new members" ? Okay, I'll give you that. We like new victims.

"Advancement or preferential treatment dependent upon sexual activity with the leader(s)"? Sadly, we get our kicks from fondling yarn, not each other.

Cult claim refuted, I believe.

Anyhow, I'm off back to bed with my almost-flu/cold. Thank you, Paula, for your professional medical advice. I might just survive (although I'm not sure Other Half will).