If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am currently obsessing over yellow cardigans. I think it is a reaction to the winter weather we have been having. Glasgow has escaped much of the awful weather to hit Britain recently but standard Glasgow winter weather is awfully bleak. It is changeable but always some combination of rain + wind + sleet. Dreaming of yellow cardigan is thus the perfect antidote to the gloomy skies outside. Yellow cardigans and cups of tea. I am a few rows away from finishing The Thing I mentioned the other day. My plans include a hefty amount of swatching for new designs but then I am going to snuggle down and do some finishing.

January 2014 122

I finished knitting all the pieces for my Bute cardigan in late 213 but then I realised I had knitted the two front two different sizes. In my defence, I did cast on for the second front whilst working in a yarn shop so all the chatter obviously went to my head. How I did not realise my mistake when I got to the shaping at the top, I will never know. So, my plan for the weekend is to reknit the front of the cardigan. Blocking next, then sewing up and the button band. Can I finish this by the end of February? Probably not. It will take me forever to decide upon buttons.

I also want to finish knitting my Orkney cardigan (just a sleeve and a button band!) but Bute has been languishing for so long - and I really want to snuggle up in it.

Back to dreaming of yellow cardigans. I do have a cone of a beautiful mustard-yellow silk/wool aran-weight that I chanced upon some .. uhm .. four years ago. I rather like Traveller's End by the wonderful Carol Feller (classic, simple shape that'll let the yarn do the talking) but Cinnamon Girl by Amy Christoffers keeps catching my eye (I'm not sure the yarn has enough drape). Amy Herzog's Kittiwake follows in the , er, wake with its effortless cables - but I'd need to modify its shape to suit me. I do love Hallett's Ledge - so that is another contender.

Maybe I should focus on finishing Bute, then Orkney and then see where I am at with knitting deadlines. For all I know, we might be talking Easter and then yellow takes on a whole other meaning.