Sad Announcement re. Teaching Obligations Spring 2014

Just a little heads-up that I have unfortunately been forced to cancel most of my teaching obligations this Spring.

I continue to have major problems with my left knee following an accident in January. Quite simply, I find it very difficult and painful to walk at the moment.

The only time I will be teaching this spring will be Sunday, March 16 at Be Inspired Fibres in Edinburgh where I’ll be running a class on Beginning Crochet for Knitters.

I hope to have bounced back in time for a full autumnal programme (look out for a full schedule at a new, exciting Scottish workshop space) and I’ll also be running my classes at Unwind, Brighton in July - but everything else is cancelled.

Apologies for disappointing those of you who have been asking me about class schedules etc. I would love nothing better than to run my customary full run of classes, but it's just not possible.