The Waiting Game

The other day our Xbox 360 started flashing red lights at us. So now I'm waiting for a UPS carrier to come and pick up the Xbox, ship it across to Germany and hopefully fix the faulty components. Other Half has been petting his new acquired copy of Fable 2 in a very forlorn way ever since the console went boo-boo on him. I hate waiting around for service-people, by the way. This morning I have been ripping back a scarf and knitting a bit on a jumper.

Remember, I mentioned working on the Lush and Lacy Cardigan? Well, I finished the back wondering if I would ever wear something that feminine. Then I started the sleeves and decided that ruffled sleeves were not my style and thus opted for plain sleeves. Although I followed the pattern (sans the ruffle), the sleeve didn't fit me. I would need to recalculate the sleeve cap, frog half the back to redo the shaping and .. it wasn't going to happen with a cardigan I wasn't even sure I was ever going to wear. The Lush and Lacy Pattern is henceforth relegated to my plastic folder (since it's my second time trying to make it and it's clearly not happening).

So now I'm knitting a top down jumper of my own design which I know I will wear. It has an interesting neckline which I hope I'll be able to pull off making. It is inspired by two things: a certain Betty Jackson coat (I just love her strong, bold lines) and 1930s fashion.

Seeing as Christmas is upon us, let's look at "Stuff Ms Karie Would Really Like, but Which She Probably Won't Find Under Her Tree" (sounds catchy, doesn't it?): + Trellick Skirt kit + A necklace by crazy for ruthie. I met her at a craft fair and was blown away by her design and craftmanship. Ruth's Etsy shop's full of pretties, but it's her more personal, graphic necklaces that I really love. + Scottish Printed Books by Antony Kamm. + The Modern Recess Dress (although I would change the buttons and the buckle). + A bag of Aran Troon Tweed in Violet. I have just swatched this yarn and it is delish. And I only have one ball. Boo.

Still no UPS carrier bloke. Time for more coffee and maybe a little mince pie..