On the Bus

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmingly foreign or Other. I was heading home from a knitting meet-up, when my bus was invaded by half-cut neds. They started hurling bits of food at people and a tall black guy stood up to tell them to show other people respect. Ah. That led to other people proclaiming "Eh mate, they're jus weans an' the wan nae showing any respect is you."* And the bus driver didn't want to get involved and the swearing got worse and the racist insults kept coming (not just from the neds). I kept my head down, said nothing and texted Other Half so he'd pick me up from the bus stop. I felt rotten because I did not have the guts to stand up beside the sensible guy asking for some order - but I clearly do not speak with a Glaswegian accent and I did not know how I'd handle getting slurs directed at me.


I finished knitting a beautiful hat during my Christmas holidays and I had things I wanted to say about New Year's resolutions, but I won't write about these things tonight. Instead I'll go have some tea and snuggle up beside my Other Half while I try to remember I actually do love living in Glasgow.

*) My transcription skills are sorely lacking sometimes.