Hope in my Hands

obama_obey_posterImage by Shepard Fairey.

It seems to me that today contains multitudes (to misquote the great American poet, Walt Whitman).

Today marks History in different ways.

To some, it is about George W. Bush leaving office after what I would politely describe as a shambolic, histrionic and incompetent presidency.

To some, it is about the first African-American man becoming president.

To some, it is about the advent of the Anti-Christ, and if you think I am joking, try googling "obama + antichrist" (I'm not going to honour any of the nutjobs with a link). It is a mixture of bittersweet emotions, joy and bemusement.

To me, personally, today is all about Hope. I once said that the worst feeling in the world is hopelessness. I don't know what the future will bring but today I am holding hope in my hands. It feels damn good.