Yesterday I wore my bright green woollen coat to celebrate that spring was in the air. A man approached me: "I don't like green." I blinked a couple of times and then sighed. Ever heard of Sectarianism? It is: "..bigotry, discrimination, intolerance or hatred arising from attaching importance to perceived differences between subdivisions within a group, such as between different denominations of a religion or the factions of a political movement." In Glasgow, sectarianism is linked to football.

I was wearing green, so to the stranger I was obviously a Celtic supporter. He was evidently a Rangers supporter given his "I don't like green" stance. He moved across the road to confront me head-on. I'm not proud of this, but I did a little girly giggle and put on my best Danish accent: "Oh, are you talking about the football stuff?" And after I had explained I was from Copenhagen, didn't know anything about football, and he had repeated his "I don't like GREEN" about a dozen times, the man told me that I was lucky I was such a nice girl .. otherwise he would have messed me up.

(and I once showed up wearing green nail varnish at work and was told that I better be wearing blue nail varnish the next day just to show my neutrality. It didn't matter that green is one of my favourite colours and I don't give a t*ss about club football. Honestly.)

This is the dark side of Glasgow life.