St. Teresa

january-2009-079See the colour of my skin? I was standing on top of a windy hill in Scotland in January wearing just a long-sleeved tee, jeans and my finally-finished grey jumper. Don't tell me that I don't suffer for my blog. I finished the jumper on Tuesday. Wednesday I wore it outside and found out my neck itched like crazy (and the collar looked silly). Friday I took the scissors to the neckline, got a little over-enthusiastic and had to fool around with lifelines and cutting out a fair chunk of the yoke. This morning I knitted the neckline and decided to nick the idea of a tied bow from St. James. I just had had enough of my own ideas at that stage.

So, we went out for a walk, shot some deeply unflattering photos and then walked past this amazing church which promptly lent its name to the project.

Note to self: get better photos (and shoot them INDOORS). And don't ever knit with grey wool during the dark, rainy winter months.