Oh! You Pretty Thing!

feb2009-041The weather was very kind to me today. Everything turned out to be super-photogenic. Who needs an expensive DSLR camera when you have neigh-perfect light and location? Okay, so the frilly bit is a tiny bit out of focus.. But I digress.

This is my third finished object of 2009. It's a triangular shawl with an interesting lacy frill. It's very pretty, quite girly and thus not meant for me.

However, I have pattern notes and plan to knit another one, and then possibly I'll make the pattern available as a free download (Other Half seems to think I should). It's a relatively easy knit and I'm thinking its play with textures and volume also make it slightly more on-trend than many triangular lace shawls. Hmm.. something to ponder.

The rest of today will be spent sorting my stash and my knitting bags. I plan on making Forecast (I really like this version, just like the rest of the world, and this one) because a) if we are going to Southern Poland in March, I'll need a warm cardigan and b) I'm going use a pattern this time (she says looking at the Ever-Expanding Grey Pullover). I have some very pretty forest green wool in my stash which is begging to made into a warm cardigan. But first I'm going to be a good girl and get all organise-y on the tonnes of stray balls in the living room.