The Big Issues

Worryingly I watch the chatterbox a great deal more than I would like - but there is something about the format which suits my scattered brain. I get interested in something and just as I'm beginning to lose the thread, it's commercial time or time for the weather forecast (both strike me as similar in their inaccurate predictions of future happiness).

Yesterday I was watching In God's Name, a documentary on Channel 4 (the liberal, arty channel which has strayed in search of viewers). It was a look at fundamental Christianity in modern-day Britain filmed by a man going for cheap shots far too often.

Example: A late-20s driving instructor was asked if he had ever had sex, for instance. No, he had not as he was saving himself for marriage. I fail to see why being a male virgin in his late 20s should be material for prime-time TV.

However, other aspects of the documentary were more interesting. In Britain, they are currently reviewing stem cell research and abortion laws in parliament. Yesterday the updates to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill were passed. Today Parliament will vote on whether to lower the limit on abortion from twenty-four weeks to twenty. The documentary showed how closely certain certain members of the Parliament (as well as former) were working with hardline Christians in preparation for these bills.

I always take documentaries with a pinch of salt but I do hope this one might make aforementioned members of Parliament reconsider who acts as their advisors. Because it just looks a touch silly when you keep quoting scientific 'facts' you've been given by someone who believes that the Earth is 4,000 years old. And you still hope to be taken seriously. It's bad science, mate.

On a vaguely similar note: Not in my name - how scientists are asking to have their names removed from a list of "climate change doubters". So far almost ten per cent of the named scientists are having WTF moments from seeing their name on the list. Watch this one grow.