Mapping the World

A tired day today.

So why not go look at Strange Maps instead?

It's seriously one of the coolest, most informative websites around. It does what it says on the tin: Maps. Strange ones.

The content ranges from the very informative - a map of how various denominations of Christianity are distributed throughout the US - to the bizarre - a map of Neu-York: how New York would have looked had Nazi Germany conquered it.

Personally I like looking at maps that challenge my preconceptions - who knew that Papau New Guinea is such a polyglot society that it dwarfs the rest of the world? Or that Great Britain could easily fit within Borneo?

If you think this sounds all a bit too heavy, there are maps of the US made out of pumpkins, the US as perceived by Japanese people, cats' maps of the bed etc. And for you über-geeky technosavvy ones out there, how about a subway map of the Web 2.0?