Blog Giveaway

may-114 Remember this cardigan? My green alpaca cardigan with its handspun yoke? Well, today it just got "favourited" for the 300th time on Ravelry. And so I'm throwing a tiny blog giveaway just to celebrate.

Just comment on this post - it'll require an email address, your name and you telling me what your current favourite object on Ravelry (or a craft blog) happens to be right now.

Most likely I'll need to approve your comment (my spam filter blocks everything with a link or anyone who hasn't commented before) but do not fret. All comments will enter into the giveaway. Winners are chosen randomly.

Prizes? As I said, it's a tiny giveaway but there are prizes. And they're straight from the stash.

  • 1 skein of handdyed DK weight merino yarn in "Bramble" dyed by Old Maiden Aunt. It is an exclusive and not available to purchase on her site.
  • A pair of vintage button ear rings (silver studs) handcrafted by yours truly.  I've made several pairs for myself and they're supercute.
  • A crocheted flower brooch (yes, handmade and perfect for your favourite coat) - I have three of these to give away
  • My Ishbel shawl/scarf in KidSilk Haze.
  • And, finally, a selection of vintage buttons from my vast collection of vintage buttons.

And have fun and feel free to link. Winners will be announced next week.

ETA: Some people report they're unable to comment due to proxy problems. This problem should now be solved.  If you continue to have this problem, just drop me a line at distantsunATgmailDOTcom, rav message me, let me know on Facebook/Twitter etc. I'll put in a placeholder comment for you.