Green Goodness

may-114 I'm so ridiculously pleased with my new cardigan (Rav link). I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca in "Pea Soup" and Fearthainn's handspun. The idea was to have a garterstitch yoke in handspun wool and then hopefully have enough to incorporate it into the cardigan's edgnings. It worked beautifully.

I used The Garter Yoke Cardigan as my template but actually did not use the pattern itself except for the yoke math as we are talking about a bogstandard top-down raglan (which I can pretty much knit in my sleep). I did pay extra attention to my gauge as Berocco Ultra Alpaca tends to stretch and flomp. I went down a needle size and also brought some negative ease into play. Again, it worked beautifully.

The only bad aspects about this cardigan? Firstly, that I have finished knitting it because knitting it was so damn awesome. Secondly, that I had a bad experience with a button-seller on eBay which effectively put this cardigan into hibernation for four weeks. Eventually I went with different buttons but boo to you, eBay lady.

Photos were taken today at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum because the weather didn't permit any frolicking about in the park. Thank you, Other Half.