Day Five: Location, Location

Fourth Edition is taking part in the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week, and you can read more about that blog project here. One of my favourite places to sit and knit (or read or think) is the Kelvin Walkway which runs along Glasgow's River Kelvin. I live quite close to it and on warm, dry Sundays, I spend a lot of time sitting here. Occasionally my knitting gets stolen by a playful dog, but it is all part of the charm.

I adore this particular spot because you have your back to the world and just for a short while, you can pretend you are sitting in the middle of wilderness rather than in the middle of a large city. I have seen kingfishers, peregrine falcons, foxes, and deer here. All a five minute walk away from Byres Road, a busy shopping area.

However, this is not where I tend to spend most of my knitting time. Glasgow gets a lot of rain and blustery winds. And so I grab a takeaway coffee and head to my favourite bench in the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens.

I like spending my afternoons off in here. I am sheltered from cold winds and sudden rain. The view from the bench is spectacular and the scenery changes from visit to visit. It is a wonderfully calm place to sit and knit (as long as you can mentally block out screaming children as you get many yummy mummies parading their trophies playing with their toddlers in the front part of the Palace) and nobody minds if you sit there all afternoon.

And I cannot resist showing you a close-up of "my" bench. Yes, it is wrought iron and, yes, that would be a squirrel. All the benches have the same squirrel-pattern and I think it wonderfully whimsical .. although you do get an awful lot of real squirrels hanging about the Botanics and the Kelvin Walkway (sadly not the indigenous sort but the grey squirrel).

Although I knit a lot in public (including public transport), I do most of my knitting at home. I have a sofa to myself and curl up every night with my latest project.  Blankets nearby, coffee cup full and light a-plenty. No photos, though, and while I wish I could blame poor light conditions, the living room is just that tiny bit too untidy to show anyone right now. I also quite like leaving some things a mystery ..

For your listening pleasure, I have compiled a short Spotify playlist of Glaswegian/Glasgow-based bands. Enjoy - if you live in a Spotify-enabled country, of course - these tracks are really the sound of Glasgow.