Aye Write: The Aftermath

Jonathan Coe cancelled Aye Write, he bloody well did. I had even brought along my hardback copy of The Rain Before It Falls (not my favourite, but my nicest copy of a Coe book) and a big bucket of courage so I could ask him to sign my book. Boo.

Still, I went to see Andrew Crumey (now offically a favourite author of mine) yesterday which was all sorts of interesting. He read an unpublished short story as did Gavin Esler (unsurprisingly punchy and smooth) and Rodge Glass (as always self-deprecating and humourous). Esler's story was the easiest to follow, Glass's story got the most instictive gasps from audience and Crumey ..  well, I think he confused a few people there. Listening to him, I noticed that although he was an engaging reader, his prose is the sort which needs to be read in order to be fully unpacked. I continue to be intrigued.