Cast-On Frenzy

june-029 Laminaria is done. Tomorrow we are heading out for a proper photo shoot, my Personal Photographer and I, so this little sneak peak will have to suffice for now. As you can see, the shawl survived the blocking. When I finished the shawl I cast way more projects than I usually have on the needles at any one time. Perhaps it was because I had been so focused on Laminaria - monogamous knitting and all; perhaps it was because I wanted to do so much things all at once; perhaps my head's just full of ideas and I needed an outlet?

Don't snicker at back, please, but I have cast on for another Ishbel shawlette. I know, I know.. I didn't like knitting it first time around, and I've even cast on in Kidsilk Haze in a really, really drab grey-brown colour. My best explanation is that I wanted something completely different from Laminaria. Something to cleanse my palette.

I've cast on for the Topstykke tunic which I bought as a kit in Denmark. It's a top-down tunic with puff-sleeves, an interesting decorative feature on the front .. and it's knitted in light fingering wool on 3.5mm (US size 5) needles. So far I'm struggling to get my knitting brain to read Danish (my native language too!). I'm predicting this'll be a long-term knitting project that I'll knit when I'm watching TV or the like. Did I mention that the light-fingering wool is .. grey?june

Third project, then. It is the most immediately interesting project of the three. It is a crocheted top-down cardigan made from two different colourways of Kauni 8/2. Yes, stripes! Inspiration comes from a Danish blogger, Liselotte Weller, who made a stripey top-down crocheted cardigan in Kauni - but I'm not exactly following her sketchy pattern. I have a very, very relaxed attitude towards crochet (it used to be my craft of choice for years) and I'm pretty much making it up as I go along. Crochet is so very forgiving.

Finally, some months ago I made up a crochet pattern for a cowl. I've been asked for the pattern and thankfully I made a few notes. I have a test crocheter all ready to get going, so watch this space.