FO: Laminaria

lam "See," Personal Photographer said, "you totally look like Naomi Watts". It's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment; it's more that I think Personal Photographer might need glasses. Or maybe he just thinks that my red Laminaria is glam and I agree with him on that. I'm not tiny, blonde or Australian - but I am feeling very glam when I wear my shawl. Lamniaria, oh, Laminaria. Where to begin?

I had no problems with the pattern: it was extremely well-written, the charts were crystal-clear and the designer has made some very helpful Ravelry notes regarding yardage. In fact, I zipped through most of the charts without a hitch (even the much-fabled Transition chart - you just need to count your increases). If only all patterns could be as well-written as this.

My main concern was the 1-ply kidmohair/merino yarn I was using. It had fallen apart on me during the first chart - literally, fell apart rather than snapped - and I was anxious that it might fall apart again or break during blocking. As KV suggested, I knit a test swatch and blocked it before blocking the shawl itself. Surprisingly the yarn really came into its own during blocking and I had no qualms about subjecting the shawl to some pin action.

I will knit this shawl again - possibly in some Old Maiden Aunt merino/silk I have in my stash.

More photos at the Ravelry project page (and I do not look like Naomi Watts in any of those either).