One of the things I love about living in Glasgow is that you can walk through a park on a perfectly ordinary afternoon and suddenly you are in the middle of King Lear. I should really make a point of buying tickets for Bard in the Botanics and I think I might opt for Twelfth Night now that I've seen quite a chunk of Lear. One of the things I do not love about living in Glasgow is marching season. My bus was caught behind a march the other day and I had plenty of time to think about sectarianism in Glasgow. It truly saddens me that people choose to fuel divisions within a community rather than challenge long-held prejudices and sectarian behaviour.

This is Glasgow life. A constant see-saw of good and bad things. Thankfully the amount of good things happening outweighs the bad things.

Autumn/Winter collections from various yarn companies are beginning to show up around the web.

I am slightly underwhelmed by the Drops collection and can only really see myself making ac-018 (don't you just love the fetching Drops names?) although the ee-324 is very cute novelty pullover.

The new Rowan Autumn/Winter collection have been leaked, and I enjoyed Rowan 48. The Alisa stole is beautiful, the Inga cardigan looks quite Scandinavian (and I mean that as a compliment - imagine it in monochrome and styled with minimalist clothes and accessories. Wowza.) and I love, love the Lidiya dress. Being much more mindful of my queue, though, I am mainly torn between between Rowena (on the left - I already have a commercial black pullover very much in that style) and Vera. I will need to see the magazine in real life before I decide which of the two pullovers I will end up queueing. I also have my beady eye firmly fixed on Rowan Lima for a winter project, so I hope there'll be some fabulous pullovers or cardigans for that yarn.

Not that I am doing much knitting at the moment. I have bought a new wrist support for my poor wrist, so hopefully that will help its recovery. I have completed swatching for a scarf pattern I'm going to write up later this summer (no previews, sorry). I have also knitted a few rows on my 4ply cardigan, but small needles are proving quite painful to hold.

Hold on, though, for a finished object. I finished it some time ago but could not post anything until it had been gifted to a good friend.