FO: Peach Trees

Last May I went back to Copenhagen for a week's holiday. I had the pleasure of staying with a good friend, Peps, who had a spare room. If you have ever lived in Copenhagen, you will know that, as a rule, people do not have spare rooms: the apartments are tiny, every inch of space gets utilised, and you are lucky if a friend has the room for a sofa bed. So, Peps' spare room was the very height of luxury. I have known Peps since the late 1990s when we both worked for a computer gaming magazine. We started playing D&D together, she showed me how to cook hypo-allergenic food, and I supplied her with English-languaged books.

Peps turned forty this year and invited all her friends - including yours truly and D. We were unable to go, unfortunately, but I remembered what she said last year in May: "I love your lace shawls. I'd love to be able to knit one but maybe you can knit one for me at some point?" To my mind, this would be the perfect gift for Peps: something unique, something personal, and something very feminine.

Yarn: Rowan Kid Silk Haze, 2 balls in "Ice Cream" (discontinued colourway) Needles: 4.5mm (US size 7) Pattern: Ah, this is where it gets interesting..

I was searching high and low for a suitable pattern. Peps is petite, so I wanted something quite delicate which would not overpower her frame. She is also extremely feminine, so I wanted the shawl to reflect that (you may argue that a lace shawl is by definition very feminine, but I beg to differ). I pondered the Swallowtail shawl (but I have already made it three times), Ishbel (but we do not get along), and Zetor, to name but a few, but eventually settled on Nightsongs. I liked the graphic quality of the designs - Peps works in graphic design - but it was still very pretty and feminine. Perfect.

Except the pattern was riddled with mistakes. Shame that Kid Silk Haze is a bit temperamental about getting ripped back, or I would have gone for another design. The knitting experience marred my enjoyment of the finished object, so although I am told it is a very pretty shawl, all I see are those poorly constructed charts and the hours I spent trawling through Ravelry threads for errata.Something I did out of love for a friend did not end up as a project I loved. Alas.

I'm yet to hear from Peps, but I'm confident that she likes it.

In other knitting news, my new wrist support has already helped and I was able to knit at my usual pace last night, which means that my 4ply cardigan now has a completed back and a half-way completed sleeve. Huzzah!