Oh, Anyway, It’s Looking Like A Beautiful Day

One of my favourite pastimes of late has been taunting my local physicist friends: "Oh, I cannot make plans later than Wednesday morning because we are all going to die" or "I'm really looking forward to this event horizon thing". Their facial expressions have been priceless, I tell you. Usually I mostly get affronted linguists or disgusted literary scholars, so annoyed physicists have been very diverting. Ah, mass media and their funny takes on scientific matters. I'm also rather pleased to see Elbow winning the Mercury Prize with "The Seldom Seen Kid". It's a very good album and I'm happy to (maybe) see them gain a bit more success. The first single off the album, "Grounds For Divorce", features a fabulous sentence construction: "There's a hole in my neighbourhood / Down which of late I cannot help but fall".

But because I can, let me spam you with a Mercury Prize nominee, not winner. Heartbreakingly gorgeous stuff.

And finally, fifty minutes after my blog rant, Parcelforce delivered my yarn. That'll teach 'em.