I Have Four DPNs And Know How To Use Them

Yes, I'm a process knitter - not a product knitter. I finished my take on the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater earlier today. I had been weaving in ends as I went along and the buttons were already fastened, so all I had to do was steam-block the cardigan. And so by the middle of the afternoon I was wearing my warm (organic) cardigan to the supermarket. I was chuffed, I was.

Then it dawned on me that I no longer had my project in process and that I could either a) pick up that Lilac Top O'Doom that has been in hibernation longer than I care to remember, b) work on a Christmas gift or c) cast on for a new project. I ruled out the Lilac Top O'Doom (because it pretty much means trying it on, figuring out that, yes, it does not fit and then ripping it out to start all over). The Christmas gift is nearly finished and I'm now trying not to work on it too much since it's so enjoyable I don't want the process to end too soon (see, PROCESS knitter!).

So I tried to cast on for a new project.

Actually I cast on two new projects and ripped them both out within ten rows. They just didn't feel right (plus I couldn't find my 5.00mm DPNs). And now I'm in a really, really foul mood because I'm between projects and I need to find the next process that I'll really enjoy.

PS. This shawl is no more. Hallelujah.