It's in the Air

IKEA's Christmas 2010 wrapping paper and Christmas cards include Selbu motifs. Very cute. Clearly I had to buy a roll of wrapping paper. Other recent shopping include a trip to Granny Would Be Proud, a fairly recent addition to the Glasgow crafts fair scene. Today they had set up camp at Hillhead Book Club, an atmospheric and eclectic bar/restaurant just off Byres Road, and we could not resist going. It was a good mix, actually. I tend to be fairly critical of crafts fairs as they can easily be quite bland or veer into unfortunate handmade-irony. The craft fair seemed well curated with some lovely touches: a photo booth where you could get photographed wearing vintage gear and Vintage Spectacles which let you try on frames dating back to the early 20th century. I tried on several 1930s and 1940s frames and now know where to get my next set of glasses. I may also have succumbed to some handmade buttons whilst looking wistfully at Sylvia & Nicola's bespoke dresses.

Somewhere else entirely I came across tops labelled "1930s handknit" which were neither. That is the side of the vintage industry which I really do not like.

Anyway, I have been buying Christmas presents too - and sent off my own wish list to my Danish family. I managed to think of other things besides 1-ply Faroese yarn and I'm pretty proud of that. Note self: I need to start utilising various online wish list facilities, so I do not start to panic come present-buying season. I tried using Wist but it never really clicked for me. Apart from the obvious Amazon wish list feature, do you use any other wish list facilities? Any recommendations?

(I cannot believe I'm already writing about Christmas! Then again I have just been swatching for some Christmas workshops I'm doing later this year..)

Things I have liked recently: + I met a girl recently who wore the nicest cardigan. I nearly ripped it off her back and ran away. + People can be incredibly wonderful sometimes. + Pretty film posters. I'm not sure I'm interested in the film, though. + We are now spending time apart but this is pretty sweet.

Highlight of my weekend? Probably not doing the laundry but it needs to be done, so I can start packing for my holiday. Not that I'm counting the hours or anything..