Just a brief blog post about knitting. Most of my current knitting projects are things I cannot show you nor tell you much about as they are either earmarked for future publication (not mine) or future publication (mine).. which reminds me: are you a photogenic 20-something living in Glasgow who has always wanted to be a knitwear model and who is happy to get paid in tea/cake - then get in touch! I'm also looking for a test-knitter or two, but I will get back to this post-holiday.

My hands are playing up again, sadly, so I cannot knit for long stretches of time. I'm back to icing my thumbs(!) and wearing wrist supports. Knitting is not fully to blame for my problems but it is certainly not helping my hands recover.

I'm still going to pack a couple of projects for my holiday but I'm hoping that a little break from obsessive knitting will work wonders.

Cross fingers.