Wonderful, Wonderful..

The train journey from my childhood landscape to Copenhagen takes about 90 minutes. The distance from Glasgow to Edinburgh, more or less. I often think about the cultural divide between Glasgow (young, vibrant, edgy) and Edinburgh (heritage, self-aware, conservative) - but this divide pales when compared to the cultural divide between my childhood landscape and Copenhagen. Today the train took me from rural Denmark to urban Denmark; from the way things have always been to the way things are; from my childhood to my adulthood. Every time I step aboard that train, I grow up. This is a roundabout way of saying that I am in Copenhagen once again.

During the 90 minute train journey I was working on a shawl. A girl came up to me asking if I knitted the jumper I was wearing. Seeing I was wearing my Snorri jumper, the one with the Icelandic yoke, I was happy to confirm her suspicions. This led to a long discussion about how she did not knit, how she admired people who could and where she could learn to knit .. and how I found the time to knit. I maintain that most people should be able to find pockets of knitting time: I knit on public transport, I knit during my commute to and fro work, I knit during lunch, and I knit whilst watching TV or listening to the radio. Knitting is an addition to my daily routine, not something which stops me doing things (Except reading. I still haven't cracked how to knit and read at the same time. No, audiobooks do not count).  I do not think I convinced the girl to give knitting a try, but I demystified a few things. I'll continue to preach the gospel anyhow.

A crafts happening was taking place in the Central Station when I arrived. It was a good omen.

Copenhagen has been lovely. I picked up some Faroese, Icelandic and Swedish yarns (mostly laceweight and "sheepy"; definitely things I could not find in the UK) as well as some .. fabric. I learned that I'm getting a sewing machine early next year, so I thought I'd get a few interesting fabrics whilst in Denmark. Do not give me that look..  Anyway, I've also been biking around the city and seeing some very lovely people. It's almost like I never left .. except a few things have changed such as my leg muscles (tomorrow my muscles will ache in interesting places) and my ability to deal with impolite customer service (eyerolling may have been involved).

I'll be in Copenhagen for a few more days. More people to see. More muscles to re-discover. I am breathing again.

PS. Actually, right now I could be anywhere. I'm listening to BBC Radio 4, the rain is pouring down, and I'm typing away..