In the Middle of Something

I'm due a short break shortly and oh how I need it. Casa Bookish has seen a series of minor calamities recently - not least upstairs neighbour managing to flood their bathroom so thoroughly that water came pouring through our ceiling on a late Sunday evening. So far it looks as though our wallpaper may be the only major casualty but I shall know more after we have had an inspection on Friday. So faced with minor calamities I do what I do best: I knit and I read. I am soldiering on with some deadline-knitting and I have read two books. They have not been great books by any stretch of the imagination - oh the anachronisms and plot holes - but I needed a distraction. I am now reading China Miéville's new novel, Embassytown, which is a giant step up in quality (and I say this only one chapter in).

I'm going to leave you with my favourite act from Eurovision 2011. They may not have won, but I adored Moldova's entry. I may have voted for this track - and done so very unironically. Hanging out on Twitter during Eurovision shows can also be highly recommended..