Brief Encounter

  • I have a nice pile of unfinished projects I had really hoped to have finished by now. Thank you, Upstairs Neighbour for flooding our bathroom and completely derailing an already busy week.
  • I have been running so many knitting and crochet tutorials this month. It has been completely overwhelming but in a good way. My brain is slightly fried and I feel like I've used up all my good craft-related jokes.
  • I'm nearing the end of one design process and will begin another one next week. I have been asked about my design process. Right now my process is all about meeting needs I discover in my many, many tutorials. I'll get back to this in a later post.
  • First, though, I'm packing my bags and heading off to Yorkshire for work. I'm off to spend quality time with some good people.
  • My first quilt is currently displayed in the window of The Life Craft. How blooming exciting and slightly humbling. They are now offering ceramics classes - I'm tempted but I really do not need another craft. I have no time for another craft.
  • I have been reading a lot of crap this week. Balogh's One Night For Love may very well be the worst book I've read in several years. This plot outline should give you an idea why. However, my brain is too fried for anything vaguely decent. I even had trouble following The Brontës Went to "Woolworths", for heaven's sake.
  • I really need a long holiday. Looks like that's not exactly in the cards just yet..
  • Maybe getting a proper night's sleep would be a good place to start. And then it's time for Yorkshire.