Day Three: Heroes

6774276196_ea43748a23I work within the knitting industry - yes, I am one of the fortunate ones - and I meet a lot of crafters as a result. It would not be fair to the huge amount of talented, smart people I know to single out one or even two. Instead I'd like to share ten with you. Every one is special. Every one is a hero. + The vibrant supermarket girl who proudly showed me her pink, sparkly wristlet she knitted from a Knitty pattern. You rock.

+ The lady who had been scared to pick up crochet because her late mother had rubbished her early attempts. I saw her beautiful crocheted baby blanket the other day. You are fantastic.

+ The local women's collectives who use traditional crafts in non-traditional contexts in order to raise awareness of (as well as funds for) women's charities. You inspire me.

+ The young mother who makes outrageous knitted costumes for her daughter's toys. You make me laugh.

+ The man who keeps challenging himself to become an even more accomplished knitter and whose output makes my head spin. You are brilliant.

+ The woman who started a small yarn business from her kitchen and who now runs her own yarn-dyeing studio single-handedly. You make us all so proud.

+ The girl who was told to try knitting by her doctor and who is now knitting her first jumper just three months later. You are wonderful.

+ The woman who always had me sew on buttons for her but who is now making the most splendid amigurumi monsters and gorgeous accessories. You never cease to amaze me.

+ The blogger who keeps writing up detailed tutorials and who gives so much of her time and talent to others through social media. You are  ace.

+ You. Because you keep making things.

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