Day Four: Landscape


rainThe West Coast of Scotland? It rains a lot and we frequently do not get much above 20C. But it is pretty here and I have plenty to wool to keep me warm, so it works out. What I hadn't planned on was how much the landscape would inspire my colour choices..

Landscape / colours

Shades of pale brown mixed with grey skies and hints of mossy green. You can see the Campsies in the distance if you look hard enough!

Landscape / coloursGrey-blue lichen on trees. Bark an enticing grey-brown with  - yes - hints of mossy green. This photo was taken during a walk around Possil Marsh which was rudely interrupted by heavy rain.

Landscape / coloursMossy green! Spawling across reddish brown! This sight is very common in the Glasgow Arboretum, just a few minutes from Casa Bookish.

What has all this to do with my knitting and crocheting? Quite apart from being overtly fond of mossy green, I am also planning a pattern collection of accessories all of which will be knitted in colours oddly reminiscent of the photos above. My poetic partner says that I am wrapping myself in Scotland. It is a nice thought.

PS. Yes, this was supposed to be about seasons. We often have four seasons in one day. Layers make sense.

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